Support Home of the ShirleShawl App

This app is designed to be used with the Apple iPhone and iPad.  It won’t work at this time on another tablet or other smart phone.   The app is available through the Apple App Store by typing in ShirleShawl to search and download for only .99 cents.  Once you have purchased the app you will receive notification when updates become available.  There are many changes that have already happened that have made the app really easy to use.  Click the links at the right to explore the site. By all means contact us for help or information.

The premise of the app is to move you from knitter to designer.   Be forewarned, you will need to knit swatches, two of them!!  The ShirleShawl app allows you to knit a straight strip of lace from any pattern you have access to. You can choose a top down pattern and use a provisional cast on to do the lace strip or in the case of the more rare bottom up lace you just complete the lace and then begins the body using the app-generated row-by-row directions.  Lace patterns are not included in the app other than the lace strip included in the free pattern download.  There are many lace edgings and border available for free on the internet.  You can choose an edging that is knit in a narrow long strip and the app Option 3 will help you figure how many stitches your will have to pick up per repeat. You can select a desired shawl width, depth, yarn and needle size you want to work with and the app will give you an estimaed yarn yardage needed.   Your swatches will help the app generate the number of lace repeats you need to do, the number of stitches for the cast-on of the lace and then for the body the shawl. New features let you select the curve and depth you desire and will generate an image graph so you can see how it will look. Then there is a simple slider to allow you to further tweak the curve.

This document provides support for the ShirleShawl app.   Use the Contact Form below to  contact us with any questions you may have.   Your questions will help us identify areas the app can be improved and lead to answers that may be helpful to others as well.   I’ve knit about nine app shawls of various laces and various designs.  I’ve made just about every mistake possible in the process of learning to use the app and knitting of these shawls so I guess that makes me an “expert”  on troubleshooting.   I can help with a lot of the knitting questions related to the use of the app.  Here’s the best part: I’m married to the developer so if it’s computer related issue I’ve got him right here as the resource to help deal with those even more mysterious aspects of the app .

There are video tutorials listed at the right of techniques I’ve chosen to use designated by an .*  They have helped me learn new techniques and may also be of use to you.  They are my personal favorites but you may prefer other methods.  I’ve opted to create a separate post for each video for convenient viewing [sorry about those ads].  Sometimes words are less helpful that seeing and hearing so the ShirleShawl Demonstration Video was done by my husband to walk you through the process of using the app and it’s features.  Each of those topics that  is listed at the right in the Categories list is covered in the detailed Help file in the app itself but sometimes you just need a shortcut to finding an answer.  In addition there’s a photo gallery  of shawls that have been, or are being, knit with the app.

I wish I had been careful to take a picture of the whole process of knitting the shawls.  The transformation of that straight strip into a gently curved crescent shape is amazing to me.  That crescent shape is my absolute favorite.  I hope you’ll be intrigued by it too.


You Design – The App Generates the Directions